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The Furricious Gang stories are a series of short stories aimed at those of us adults who are grown up, but are still children at heart. It's about three teddy bears that are known in their home town as 'The Furricious Gang'. 

Let me explain the word 'Furricious'. It's a word we don't have in our language, but animals, particularly bunny rabbits, kittens, and teddy bears, do. 

When you meet an angry, hissing cat - that's ferocious. It might scratch you. When you meet a snarling angry dog - that's ferocious too. It might bite you. But when you tickle a kitten's tummy and it bats its little paws at you and tries to nibble your fingers, that isn't ferocious at all, that's furricious.


It's a 'trying-to-be-ferocious-but-not-really' sort of thing. 

The Furricious Gang live in the author's home town of Godalming, which is in leafy Surrey. They live underground, through a secret entrance near the bandstand, not far from the memorial to Jack Philips, and close to the river. I can't tell you where exactly, because it’s a secret.


We have to keep it a secret because if we didn't, these three bears would have so many visitors that they would soon run out of biscuits, even their chocolate ones, and that would never do.

Besides, dragons think that the word 'furricious' means furry and delicious, so the bears want to stay hidden from them! So, let's keep it a secret okay?

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