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The Characters


Humphrey is the oldest, largest, and brownest of the bears. He likes to look after his two siblings in a fatherly sort of way. But sometimes he finds them exasperating. Especially Jeffrey. He loves to sit back and relax on his settee when he's not running a betting syndicate or distilling beetfruit juice. 


Jeffrey is a lively, intelligent, and pesky bear. He often comes up with creative ways to make the bears rich - often involving bungee cords and velcro. Smaller, younger, and light tan in colour, he's usually awake early and asleep last.


Godfrey is the youngest of bears. He is a very light tan in colour and is the shortest of the three. He likes to go for walks and he likes to draw. A lot of things scare him, particularly the bear eating allingators which he believes live in the river nearby.


Like all cats, Snowy is very independent. She likes to hunt and often hunts for naughty birds on behalf of the Avian Musicians Union, who are very strict about the dawn chorus. When not hunting she likes to curl up on the end of Humphrey's settee.


Woof is not a dog. He looks like a dog, but he's not. He's a Woof. He lives in Godalming's only beetfruit tree and supplies Humphrey with beetfruit. There are not many Woofs about, which is why he doesn't really need a name.


Dondus is a Dopacus, a distant relative of the Loch Ness monster. He lives quietly at the bottom of the river Wey eating reeds and grass stuff. He and Godfrey are great friends and Dondus often gives him rides on his head.

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