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The People


The Author

Martyn MacDonald Adams

Martyn is a lightly bearded guy living in Godalming. He is currently working on a series of steampunk books.

When he gets philosophical he likes to muse on the fact that we all live together on the crust of a ball of molten rock while it whizzes around a deadly nuclear fireball.


Despite this fact, so far, very few of us have fallen off.


Sometimes he looks up into the sky and hopes that there’s nothing out there that will bump into us. Meanwhile, we are poisoning our home and squabbling amongst ourselves for reasons that he completely fails to understand.


The Artist

Lisa Sacchi

Lisa Sacchi is an illustrator based in North Italy. She has more than five years of experience as a freelancer in the Illustration environment.


Lisa works mainly on children's book illustrations, cover art design, album covers, and character design. Her background has always been in the artistic field, even after leaving high school.


She continued her education, choosing the Belle Arti Academy, where she received her degree in fine arts. 

She loves how her work keeps her in contact with her inner child and that's what allows her to create a great connection with the readers through her art.

Alan Barker 4.JPG

The Editor

Alan Barker

Alan is a retired tax accountant having spent most of his working life in Guildford and Godalming. Along with his wife Judy he now lives in Epsom within a horse’s gallop of the racecourse but retains strong links to Godalming and its surrounding area.

Following his retirement in 2018 Alan attended a creative writing course in order to pursue a lifelong ambition to write stories. He became a published author on 1 January 2019 and has since had various short stories and flash fiction stories published through competitions and magazines as well as Christopher Fielden’s ‘Writing Challenges’.

Alan’s other pastimes include playing badminton and watching his beloved Woking FC.

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